Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

How does it work?
The process works by filling a room with a fine mist comprising 10-micron particles of disinfectant. As the particles settle onto all surfaces including the ones not usually touched as part of conventional cleaning or even deep cleaning (think walls, door handles, electric switches, carpets, soft furnishings, deep inside keyboards, coving, ceilings, light pendants, undersides of worktops, desks, chairs and shelves etc) as well as all the surfaces that you would normally disinfect, Steri-7 kicks into action killing bacteria, spores and viruses fast. This process ensures that large areas can be successfully treated and protected in a short space of time
How does this differ from deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is not to be confused with infection control. Deep cleaning revolves around a visibly clean environment. Infection control cleaning is a different approach altogether because it removes, kills and prevents the things we can’t see. Bacteria and viruses live among us in their billions. They are unseen and unnoticed until they enter our bodies and make us unwell. As we are witnessing with the current global pandemic – because it is so easy to transmit from human to human via direct and indirect contact – COVID-19 is affecting millions of people worldwide and by association it is entering our businesses even on the shoes we wear and of course our hands. Deep cleaning does not kill all the virus in our workplaces, businesses and homes.

The Steri-7 Bio-misting method with its broad-spectrum germicide is used by our technicians to safely disinfect any room or area, killing any harmful pathogenic organisms on surfaces up to 99.9999%.Our service applies Steri-7’s BREAK, TREAT, PREVENT principles, ideal to achieve full Biosecurity. It is not possible to accomplish this from deep cleaning alone.

Unlike wiping with a cloth, with ULV bio-misting and spraying, every surface in a room is evenly covered, disinfected and protected. The mist coats the undersides of furniture, fabrics and carpets, walls, doors, ceilings, skirting boards and all the nooks and crannies that would usually escape a deep clean. All touch points in the workplace and the high traffic areas are coated evenly with the disinfectant mist.

What is Reactive Barrier Technology and how does it work?
Reactive Barrier Technology is a specialised micro emulsion which provides an optional sustained release system – this means that the Reactive Barrier can be turned on or offer depending on the situation. It’s simple, if you rinse Steri-7 Xtra after our technician has applied it you will remove the barrier. If you leave Steri-7 Xtra to dry you enable the Reactive Barrier Technology. This gives you added Biosecurity and protection between cleans.
Do we have to vacate our premises whilst your technician is applying the treatment?
Yes. Offices and workplaces need to be empty while we work for 1 hour as a precaution while the disinfectant is airborne.
We still have people in our workplace with asthma/underlying health conditions. Will this affect them?
The disinfectant is extremely safe and undetectable once dry with no risk to respiratory conditions or other health conditions. However, if you have any concerns please talk to us as there are other ways of us carrying out this disinfection and protection. The disinfectant is non-toxic, government approved and 100% safe. The fact that it is used in hospitals to combat COVID-19 and other viruses should be reassuring. The disinfectant is colorless, odorless and invisible once dry.
Do we have to store electrical items and remove smoke alarms?
Electrical items are safe and can be kept in situ. Smoke alarms may on occasion go off but will not be damaged. The treatment is especially effective for dirty keyboards. Smoke detectors linked to fire alarms or sprinkler systems should be turned off as a precaution against any false alarms. If you are concerned please let us know and we will take steps to avoid any items or cover them.
Do you offer a preventative service?

We offer a COVID-19 contingency survey. A technician will visit your premises wearing full PPE and RPE to undertake a detailed site survey which is kept on file alongside your method statement and a site- specific risk assessment. With an accompanying pre-authorisation of works this means that should an outbreak of COVID-19 be reported at your site we can respond with speed.

We also offer a pre-opening COVID-19 service which operates on similar lines to the contingency survey. We will survey your premises and provide a detailed price guaranteed quotation so that you can instruct us to come back within a pre-agreed time period and disinfect your premises before you re-open. You can restore trust in returning customers by letting them know this has taken place to the highest recognised health standards


You have not answered all my questions…

Whilst we have tried to make this document as comprehensive as possible, we understand that you may still have unanswered questions. Please call or email with your questions for a prompt response.

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