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How it works

What are the differences between ‘traditional deep cleaning’ and ‘anti-virus deep cleaning’?

There is understandable confusion over the differences that exist between traditional deep cleaning services – which do not remove all traces of COVID-19 and anti-virus deep cleaning – which does kill all traces of COVID-19 from all surfaces including airborne.

If you’re looking to protect your space from COVID-19 it’s important that you understand the differences between the two.

Traditional deep cleaning

  • Is very effective at keeping buildings clean to a high standard.
  • Is restricted to cleaning the areas that can be accessed by the cleaner.
  • Does kill some traces of COVID-19 but only if the cleaner can access the virus contaminated space and uses a specialist anti-virus disinfectant, applied uniformly with complete coverage.
  • Out of reach areas/hard to clean areas (entire wall space, entire ceilings, undersides of desks etc) are not usually included in a deep cleaning regime.
  • Traditional deep cleaning is not about virus protection and control but on creating a visibly clean environment.

Anti-virus deep cleaning

  • Using professional grade misting machines and a scientifically tested disinfectant this will cover all areas because of its fogging capability. This includes walls, ceilings, doors, undersides of desks and tables etc. All hard to reach areas are coated with microscopic droplets of the disinfectant. The electrostatic nature of dispersal ensures that the disinfectant reaches and clings in hard to reach areas.
  • The disinfectant kills all traces of COVID-19 (and other viruses) once it has settled and dried to form what is known as a Reactive Barrier Technology. This protection can last for up to 31 days.
  • Any areas not fully covered by the mist such as the underside of telephones will be treated with the same disinfectant, applied by sterilised cloths to trigger the Reactive Barrier Technology.
  • This type of specialist deep cleaning kills all viruses and all bacteria including COVID-19.

Our technicians work alongside the deep cleaning teams already working with our client.

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How it works – when you want to find out more/book a specialist antivirus deep clean

Booking a survey or an anti-virus disinfection deep cleaning service is a straightforward process. Please contact us by email or by telephone so that we can help you. We have a dedicated customer care team at our head office in London.

Here’s how it works if you’re a London based organisation wanting to book a free survey or have an urgent need for our deep cleaning disinfection service and are contacting us to book an appointment.

  1. We will confirm a date and time for the survey or disinfection treatment by telephone with an email confirmation follow up. You will be asked questions about your building, the occupants, and the nature of your business so that we can provide you with the right advice and can fully prepare and equip our technician.
  2. If you are unable to book a survey but are interested in our service, we will ask you some simple questions on the telephone and provide a fixed price quotation.
  3. If you have booked a survey, please allow 30 minutes to an hour for our technician who will wear full PPE whilst surveying your building. Please advise the relevant members of your team before he arrives. This usually comprises your janitorial teams, cleaning teams (and security personnel if the survey is outside of working hours). Let your team know too so they are not surprised by our technician’s appearance!
  4. If you are contacting us to book a deep clean anti-virus disinfection treatment because you have had an outbreak of COVID-19 and want this treatment urgently we will confirm a fee on the telephone after asking you some simple questions. Treatment can be within 24 hours of accepting our quotation. *
  5. We will confirm verbally and in writing what should be done before we begin treatment at the same time as confirming our fee. For most clients very little preparation is required beforehand. For office deep clean anti-virus sanitising for example this amounts to little more than clearing surfaces of paperwork.
  6. We will provide video footage and photographs of our technician whilst he is deep clean disinfecting your building and will confirm the treatments we have applied, when and where if you require this information in writing too.
  7. If we are surveying your building and you need time to discuss the outcomes with other team members, we will confirm the relevant points of our survey in writing, including our fees.

*Please note this is may be subject to a risk assessment and our technician providing a method statement if you require these.

As you can imagine our specialist deep cleaning anti-virus services and our free surveys (London based organisations only) are currently in high demand so contact us without delay.

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