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Office Deep Cleaning

We provide professional deep cleaning services to many businesses and homes across the Greater London area. As an experienced deep cleaning company with trained and experienced technicians we can protect your office with a range of services using disinfectant products designed to kill the virus on contact and continue protecting your business and visitors for up to 90 days afterwards.

If you are looking for office deep cleaning services it is important you choose a deep cleaning company with experience in disinfectant deep cleaning to kill all viruses (99.999%) rather than just a company experienced in cleaning offices. There is a difference. It’s this:

Although undeniably important, deep cleaning is now being confused with disinfection and infection control.

Deep cleaning revolves around a visibly clean environment and is not designed or able to fully eliminate viruses and bacteria. Disinfection and Infection control is very different. It removes, kills, and prevents the bacteria and viruses we cannot see. Deep cleaning simply can’t kill an airborne virus and does not fully kill viruses on surfaces such as desks or high use touch points whereas deep clean disinfecting using specialist ULV foggers and applied by trained technicians with full PPE, kills all bacteria and viruses on contact. Our service can then provide long term protection of those crucial surfaces and locations. The best way to protect your staff and visitors is for this highly cost effective service to run alongside any cleaning you currently have in place.

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